"We would like to thank you for your consideration, kindness, help and skills for allowing us to make our Mother's wake and funeral memorable. Kelle, you made our mother look beautiful. We thank you for your skills and hard work in doing this not only for her, but us as well. We felt better about our last hours with her at Krueger Funeral Home. Clay, you helped us plan a time when we could gather as family to make our last sentiments for our Mother together. We appreciate your help in planning, organizing, purchasing the things necessary for this day. This area is such an unknown area for the average consumer. We could not have done this without you. Kanon, thank you for doing all the other things necessary on this day of grief and loss. You organized the procession and directed traffic so the procession could remain together safely. These are things that made us come together and feel more comfortable for this difficult day. I thank you all for continuing an important service in Blue Island."

The Pierce Family


"Thank you for the compassionate and exceptional care you took with the funeral arrangements. You made this as efficient and worry-free as it could be. From the logistics to your attention to every detail, we are so grateful for everything. Thank you again."

The Lynch Family


"Thank you very much for making our Mom's memorial memorable. It was great working with you. Everything went so smoothly, much to your credit. A great place for a funeral."

The Bell Family


"We appreciate your kindness toward us during this difficult time. We would not have been able to think about having the service for our Mom at any other location. You truly have a family atmosphere where peace and love abide. Thank you for going above and beyond to create a beautiful home going for our Mom."

Haywood Family


"Thank you for your excellent services on the passing of our Mom. We appreciate your care and support."

Silhan Family


"Thank you for such wonderful, caring service. It couldn't have gone smoother. I will recommend you to everyone in the future."

Calderon Family


I leaned on you so very hard-I am in awe how strong that you were in your support to my family. Thank you so much for suggesting the military service. Thank you also for your time in coming to the open house."

Mansfield Family


"My sisters and I cannot thank you enough for all you did for our father and us. Everything you do is done with great care and kindness. Also, my father looked fabulous. He looked peaceful and like himself. Thank you to Kelle. Thank you again, you are wonderful"

Savino Family


"I would just like to say a massive thank you for the help and kindness you've all shown to me and my family on the loss of my grandfather. Everything was very organized and done with the utmost care. I give a big thanks to Clay. He was calm and caring and took time and interest into helping sort things out, when the time came. Please give our thanks to everyone involved in the background as well."  Kindest regards on behalf of:

 Martinez Family


"Thank you for helping us lay my husband to rest with dignity. A special thanks for handling Social Security. May you all be blessed."

​Strilko Family


"Thank you for all your professional service from start to finish. You always go above and beyond. Thank you for the last 6o years of service to my family."

Bogda Family


" Thank you for the beautiful day celebrating the life of my mom. Your chapel, services and willingness to plan "The Mildred Rauch Luncheon" was a gift in itself. I sincerely thank you for helping me fulfill my mom's wishes of raising and mounting my grandparents headstone."

Rauch Family


Krueger Funeral Home is the finest business we have in Blue Island. That may sound morbid to some, but if you've ever worked with the Kruegers, you know they are kind, classy, knowledgeable, and supportive when it absolutely matters most. It's a tough job that they treat as a ministry.

Merriman/Denny Family

"I so appreciate everything you did to help make my father's Homecoming as special as he was."

Mislich Family​

"Dealing with death is never easy, but you all made it painless. I can't say enough about how beautiful my mother looked-I haven't seen that person in more than 10 years. I am eternally grateful. Thank you-very sincerely."

Greene Family

"We can't thank you enough for helping us with the arrangements and services for our mother. We appreciate how everything was handled in such a compassionate and professional manner. The services were beautiful and we sincerely thank you."  

Malatinka Family

"Thank you for all the help you have been with my mother's funeral. Your courteous and efficient service made everything go smoothly at the service."

Rupeika Family

"On behalf of my entire family, I just want to take a few moments to express our appreciation of how Krueger Funeral Home handles the funeral arrangements and all other matters related to the death of our uncle. From the time I made the first call to notify you of his death, and until his ashes were buried, Clay, Kelle and Kanon handled every last detail with extreme professionalism. Marsha was also very helpful. We are aware that funerals are a difficult time for all, but your family made it much easier than I could have hoped for. Before our uncle passed, all of his siblings and in-laws were waked at Krueger, as was his mother. Every time I visited Krueger, I felt that the services were handled with compassion and dignity. At Krueger we always felt like we were in our own home. I am sure that the families of his siblings felt the same way. No one ever wants to think about planning a funeral, but if I were asked, I would highly recommend Krueger to anyone who would be in need of your services."

Pender Family

"Thank you so much for making our mother's wake and funeral so special for all of us. From beginning to end you made the services run so smoothly. Initially sitting down with you to make the arrangements you certainly put us at ease as you helped us with some difficult decisions. Additionally, you did a wonderful job preparing her-she looked beautiful! Thank you for a job well done! We appreciate this more than you know!"

Mueller Family 

"When my mother recently passed away, there was no question as to which funeral home to use. My parents, grandparents and other relatives funerals were held at Kruegers. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Clay, Kelle and Marsha for your help and kindness during a difficult time. My sister, brother and I truly appreciate the excellent services provided by you and the Krueger family, with sincere thanks."

Bender Family

"Please accept this heartfelt Thank You. Without your assistance in all this sadness I am not sure I would have made it on my own. You friends, really know how to make sadness into an easy transition. In the words of my nephew, "You Nail It!" Thank you for your prayers- Peace & Love."

Hardy Family

"I wanted to take some time to thank you and Kelle and your staff for your outstanding commitment as you planned my father's wake and funeral. Since we knew that our father wanted to be waked at Krueger Funeral Home, we immediately picked up the phone and called Clay. We quickly became acquainted with Clay and within hours he helped us plan most of the arrangements including the transfer of Dad to be sent to your lovely funeral home. You made us all feel so comfortable. When our family spent the couple of days in your funeral home, we felt so at home and comfortable. Your appointments in each of the rooms were so warm and cozy. Since it was decorated for Christmas that was an added feeling of warmth on one of the coldest days. It was especially nice to have the private family area in the back where we could get away, just for a short time to get a bite to eat and be in a more intimate setting with our family. You are a professional team and do your job, not like a job but as a compassionate family that is there with your help and direction to a family in need."

St. Aubin Family

"Thank you so much again for all your kindness and "extras" for my brother's funeral. I was very proud of what you folks did and I know that he would have been, too. Marsha, the train on the direction cards was really nice! Thank you all again."

The Lauffer Family

"Thank you for your personal attention that you showed our family. I would also like to mention Kelle and what a fantastic job she did."

The Godbout Family

"Again, many thanks to you for your caring and expertise in guiding our family through the whole funeral process-knowing that we were in such 'good hands' helped to make our lives a bit calmer and easier during our sadness in the loss of our Dad."

The Haase Family

"We want you to know how much we appreciate all that you have done. Our sorrow is made easier to bear through your help. We appreciate all your help with the wake and funeral."

Hasier Family

"Thank you for the wonderful, caring service you and your staff provided, you are without peer. Your warmth and kindness was greatly appreciated."

Lassa Family

"Thank you for your guidance and kindness during the final leg of our journey with our mom. We also appreciate your comforting presence at the visitation."

Dunlap Family

"To one and all, you made a time of uncertainty and grief very easy to deal with. Once again you all act with efficiency and reverence. One and all, we thank you."

Zengi Family

"We want to thank you so much for the great service you provided. We thank you for your kindness, patience and respect you had toward us."

Olmedo Family

"We can't "Thank you" enough! Clay and staff, thank you so much for your wonderful service. You really have a way of helping families feel so comfortable knowing everything will be done and taken care of. You put the "Home" in funeral home."

Mulderink Family

"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help you've been during this difficult time. Clay, you, your family and your staff's professionalism and kindness was very much appreciated. Thank you to Sharon who helped so much at the wake, and to Marsha who gathered everything so nicely and neatly. Thank you to Kelle for all your help and kindness as well. You should all be proud of the family legacy you carry. It takes very special people such as yourselves to run your operation so smoothly and with great care."

The DeAlba Family

"This note is to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all of your patience with me during this time of my sweet Mother's passing. You handled all of the details efficiently with respect and dignity. The register book, typed out, is a lovely keepsake and the paper regarding the sending of acknowledgement cards was very helpful. From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU for your guidance and help."

The Potter Family


"On behalf of our family, know that we very much appreciate your care and assistance in laying our Mom to rest. Your compassion will be continually felt."

The Joyce Family 2022


"I hoped to take only a brief moment of your day to thank you for the compassion you shared in caring for my dear friend. We are truly grateful that the family has friends like you to depend on in times like these. Additionally, we deeply appreciate the effort in sending just a couple of her prayer cards to us in Arizona, just above and beyond."

Friends of The Burke Family 2022


"Thank you so much for taking care of my brother's services. You did an amazing job and I truly appreciate everything you have done for our family. God Bless you."

The Ford Family 2022


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